Plus Bakery line
Your official partner in the kitchen

Plus Bakery line models are perfect for the bakery and pastry recipes, but also suitable for gastronomy.

Plus Bakery line
Your official partner in the kitchen

Technical features

Plus Bakery line ovens with direct steam injection are available from 6 to 16 levels, gas or electric heated, all of them are equipped with double ventilation speed. You can also choose among programmable and 7” capacitive touchscreen control panel.

Multi Level function

The models with touchscreen control are equipped with 1.000 spaces to store recipes with 20 stages each and have five washing programs, and Multi Level function which allows to set different cooking times on each level, in order to easily manage any request for the kitchen.


Automatic washing

Plus Bakery ovens with touchscreen are equipped with five washing programs: three automatic programs, one manual program and a rinsing one. 
Our R&D team, with an eye for the environment, studied and tested an innovative system aimed to save water.

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